is bringing the Nordic food scene
to Mallorca

About Wilson’s
We look forward to welcoming you at Wilson’s, where we bring the Nordic food scene and the iconic Scandinavian design to the international atmosphere of Mallorca.

At Wilson’s you will experience the special combination of the cool Scandinavian tradition and the well known ‘hygge’.
It’s all about personality and the people at Wilson’s – the hostess, the guy in the bar, the dishwasher and the chef, who are all working together to make your dining
experience memorable and making you want to come back. Again and again. With creativity and dedication, our mission is to raise the bar for everyday dining.

The restaurant
A casual dining scene where the key words are pleasure, a welcoming, informal atmosphere and a great culinary
experience. The cornerstone of the cuisine is the Nordic
influence made up by local commodities.

The philosophy
As in the Nordic cuisine, we believe in a local approach to food that not only prioritizes our guests and gastronomy.
By sourcing nearly 80% of our products locally, minimizing ingredient waste and saving water, we want to go beyond labels and give as much care to how we operate as a restaurant as our farmers and purveyors do with the soil and sea.

The food
Spontaneity is key in the Nordic cuisine. In the hunt for the perfect ingredient we’re in a race against time. The perfect ingredient today might not be so tomorrow. Therefore our kitchen is changing on a daily basis. It’s a small price to pay for asking our purveyors for commodities at the peak of their deliciousness, and we celebrate the challenge every day here at Wilson’s.

The bar
Wilson’s bar is a high profile cocktail and champagne-led bar and the perfect place to enjoy your everyday drink.
In a welcoming and homey atmosphere, we serve cocktails of international scope with a slant towards classics, while also incorporating local and homemade elements.