Feel like a quiet night at home without compromising the experience of lunch or dinner?
Take advantage of Wilson’s superb gastro quality in the privacy of your yacht or house, with our flexible and customized dinner service.
Wilsons cater for yachts and provide in-house food & beverage solutions for every occasion
– formal or informal.

We take pride in delivering with great flexibility to you
– everything is possible.
Any event, big or small, Wilsons will deliver directly to your yacht or house with a chef to serve you and your guests an unforgettable dinner experience.
We take care of everything – all you need to do is
indulge and relax.  

Solid partnerships with high-end brands allow us to
offer a broad range of possibilities to accommodate your every need.
We are the exclusive distributor for Rossini Caviar in the Balearic Islands, a range of high-end caviar found on the menu at some of Europe’s leading restaurants.

Along with Champagne from Möet Hennessy & dry aged Galician beef, Wilsons Yacht & In-house dinner services are bringing the Nordic inspired food scene to the
international atmosphere of Palma de Mallorca.

We do not compromise and cater for every possible need. Top quality and flexibility delivered with a personal and elevated touch.
All requests are handled with discretion.

Please feel free to reach out and learn more about our unique proposition +34 871 039 961

Lets plan your special event together……
We look forward to serve you.



Fly & Away – Well Arrived
Melon & Tomato Gazpacho with smoked paprika oil
& cucumber
Selection of local cured meat & cheeses with pickled fruits of season
Organic bread with whipped butter & our own olive oil from Alaro

A feel of something
Melon & Tomato Gazpacho with smoked paprika oil
& cucumber
Greens of the season tossed together with wild herbs & grilled local gambas
Tatar of beef with herb emulsion and turnips with lemon
Free range chicken with caramelized apple & onion
2 kinds of cheese with pickled fruit of the season
Lemon tart “deconstructed”

The Lunch
Terrin of swordfish with blackened leek, tarragon emulsion & smoked almonds
Saltbaked celery with a browned butter emulsion and cress
Shrimp cocktail with basil, kumpquats & tomato
Brased iberico pork shortribs with barbecue sauce
2 kinds of cheese with pickled fruit of the season
“Rødgrød med fløde”, red berries compot and vanilla crème

The Sea
A cold served platter with what the fresh market provides us, but as minimum…
Fresh oysters
Oysters with White Stugeon Rossini Caviar with cucumber
& dill
Local Gambas with tomato and thyme
Mussel in season
Langoustine and gazpacho broth
Tatar fo seabream with herb emulsion, pickled onion
& crisp ryebread
Lemon panna cotta with licorice & fruits